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Why Use Custom Bobbleheads As Your Wedding Cake Topper?

Custom cake topper

The wedding cake is the symbol of happiness and good life to the newlywed. Make it more memorable and symbolic by adding a beautiful wedding topper on it. Bride and groom wedding cake toppers are always a classic great choice, but if you want to be different and bold, you can explore purchasing unique wedding toppers like bobbleheads. 

Nowadays, bobbleheads have evolved into high-quality good-looking dolls you can keep as a souvenir later. They’re no longer just clay figurines. They can be elegant and funny too—a must-have element for any wedding. 

Level up the tradition 

The usual cake toppers you’ll see on wedding cakes are bride and groom figurines. These cake toppers serve as a symbol of the couple. They’re often made from wood, wax, porcelain, or icing sugar. If you want to stick with the tradition, you may always do so, but it doesn’t mean you cannot improve the design and material of your cake symbol. 

Custom cake toppers are popular these days. They make the wedding experience more personal and special. For the bride and groom, seeing their faces on top of the cake can bring back romantic memories and stories. 

Customised bobbleheads are still representations of the bride and groom. This time, however, the details are complete and more realistic. 

Customise according to the theme

Make the most out of your wedding cake. It’s not enough that only the cake design is aligned with your wedding theme. Make your cake topper thematic too. Buying custom bobbleheads for your wedding cake will also allow you to design it based on your chosen theme including the tiniest detail.

Perfect for the fun-loving couple

If the couple has a fun personality, a bobblehead cake topper is perfect for them. You can customise the clothes, the pose, the props, add pets, car, accessories, and more however you want them to look like. It’s a creative way to express the couple’s personality or story but in a durable and beautiful material.

A display you can keep forever

In some weddings, the couple needs to preserve the top tier of their cake to keep their cake topper on display. This is not a problem for custom bobblehead topper. Since it’s doll-like, you can display it anywhere you want. Moreover, it can be a wedding remembrance you can use as a symbol during your anniversary celebrations. 

Send as gift to family and friends

A custom bobblehead is also a great gift idea as wedding favours to family members and close friends. Ordering more bobbleheads will also allow you to save more on costs. Your wedding visitors will surely appreciate a customised remembrance of your wedding day. Furthermore, you are sure that your wedding remembrance is unique and something they will keep.  


Make your wedding day extra special by displaying a special cake topper in the form of a custom bobblehead. It’s a beautiful and personal representation of you as a couple that could also serve as a remembrance you can keep forever. 

If you want to order custom bobbleheads for your wedding, we can do that for you. We deliver worldwide, and we also do other customised wedding cake toppers. Shop today!

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