Bring Your Event to Life With Our Custom Bobblehead Dolls

Ironman bobblehead

Custom bobbleheads are a personalised way to celebrate special moments and holidays. You might have seen or bought a bobblehead doll of a celebrity, athlete, or another famous person. You might even have a doll as an ornament on a dashboard or received one as a giveaway at a sporting event. This gift item actually has a long history!

Bobblehead dolls have been around since the 1800s. They used to be made from ceramic, and the doll’s head had a spring that connected it to the rest of the figurine. This is the reason why the head moves around or bobbles—the spring lets the head move around while the body stays still. Over time, ceramic dolls gave way to plastic or polymer clay ones.

Today, you can customise a doll to resemble anyone. You can give a doll to your brother, sister, other relatives, or friends and have it look just like them. These dolls are crafted by professionals and designers who are skilled at recreating facial features.

Custom dolls to mark special days

Bobblehead dolls are often included in gift bags for bridesmaids and groomsmen. If you’re getting married, custom bobbleheads of your bridal entourage are a great way to remember the occasion. Conversely, the bridal party might chip in to give custom dolls to the bride and groom! Aside from being giveaways, these dolls are also perfect as wedding cake toppers. They are especially nice on cakes for parties with a more laidback and casual theme. They also make as lovely keepsakes!

If you aren’t getting married, bobbleheads are also a lovely gift for Valentine’s Day or couple anniversaries. Aside from giving these during romantic events, you can also gift bobbleheads during birthdays or on Christmas. They are also a nice present for people you’re still getting to know or ones who “have everything.”

Dolls get people’s attention

Aside from personal use, dolls can also be great for generating buzz about a brand. In marketing, one of the most effective ways to get attention for a brand is through word of mouth. Get people to talk about your business by making conversation pieces. 

A bobblehead giveaway is a fun and entertaining way to get people’s attention. People are much more likely to check your company out and listen to your message if you package it in an appealing way—bobbleheads could do that for you!

What to remember when customising a bobblehead

Whether you’re making a custom doll for your friends or family or designing one for your company or brand, you have to remember a few things to ensure best results. First, your bobblehead should be entertaining. No one wants to receive a dud gift; if your bobblehead is boring, it will be shunted off to one side of a shelf and promptly forgotten.

Make your bobblehead useful apart from being decorative. Add a pen or cardholder, include a picture frame or clock, or make your figurine hold up a sign that relays a message. Even better, you could have a custom bobblehead that talks! Make your doll repeat a company catchphrase or an inside joke between you and your friend. Your goal is to get people to display your bobblehead, so make that worth their while.


Getting custom bobbleheads for your friends, family, or business is an effective way to capture people’s attention and put a smile on their face. When making a custom doll, remember who your target audience is and shape the design around their personality. 

Have your custom dolls made by Minify Me. Our talented designers can sculpt high-quality bespoke bobbleheads made from non-toxic polymer clay, and we ship anywhere in the UK. Browse our gallery to see the types of dolls we can make, or contact us today for more details!

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