How we create & design your handcrated figurines & wedding cake toppers

Action figures, bobbleheads and figurines have always been a way for fans to collect the likeness of their famous celebrities, but mini figures shouldn’t be something that is exclusive to only musicians, movie stars and famous athletes. Through Minify Me, you can have your very own figurine created in your likeness in a variety of different uniforms, costumes or situations to celebrate any occasion.

Minify Me is a company that specialises in creating unique figurines of everyday people, letting you experience the delight that comes with seeing your likeness on a figurine. We have been handcrafting mini figures since 2009 and have perfected our technique that allows us to create a finished product in which you will instantly see yourself or your loved one. Great attention is paid to each detail of your face to ensure that we capture what really sets you apart from other people. Each mini figure is modelled after the photos that you send in, and we take the information from both your front and side profiles to bring the figurine to life.

Because of the attention we put into each figurine, we have quickly become one of the leading companies for personalised gifts in the United Kingdom. Minify Me has exported thousands of different Minify Me’s all across the globe, including to the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada and the Middle East, letting anyone and everyone around the world experience the delight of having their own mini figure.

Not only do we create standard mini figurines for everyday display, we can also create wedding cake toppers as well. Our cake toppers stray away from the run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter cake toppers that you purchase in the store by adding your likeness to the topper for a truly personalised keepsake for years to come. The wedding toppers we offer are available in a number of different poses and scenes to really make it special for you.