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What are your personalised figurines made for?

Our personalised figurines are fully customisable, and thus can be used as wedding cake toppers that will become a highlight of any wedding. Moreover, Minify Me personalised figurines may become your collectibles. Always dreamed of being a stormtrooper or a super hero?  Let us make your dreams come true – our custom bobbleheads can be easily adjusted to your preferences.

Do you make personalised figurines only in a standing position?

No, Minify Me artists can create your wedding cake toppers or custom bobbleheads in any body position you prefer! Recently we have created figurines of dancing fiancé and bride, and a married couple doing weightlifting together. The only limit is your creativity!

What are your custom bobbleheads & figurines made of?

For our personalised figurines, we use high-quality polymer clay that will keep its original state. No cracks, colour changes or other unpleasant surprises will happen to your wedding cake toppers or custom bobbleheads!. The bases are made of pine wood and can be made to suit each figurine.

What do you need from me to get started?

The only thing we would ask you to send us is a good quality picture of your face a front and side shot is perfect this gives s the best chance to get your likeness exactly right and/or the face of your spouse as well as your requirements concerning the figurine(s).


How long will the delivery take?

As a rule, shipping takes up to 4-5 working days from the completion of your order, However, the delivery of your wedding cake toppers or collectible custom bobbleheads can take a couple of days longer if you live outside of the UK, or if your order was subject to random customs inspections.

What if I’m not satisfied with my personalised figurines?

Before your figurine goes into the oven, we send you a picture of of your future Minify Me head. At this stage you can ask us to correct your custom bobblehead so that it displays you and your personality in the most realistic way. As soon as you approve it, we will not be able to make any refunds. However, if your personalised figurines came to you with defects, please contact us within 48 hours by phone or email.

What are your delivery fees?

Our delivery fees vary depending on the number of figurines you ordered. For one figurine we charge only £19.95, for two custom bobbleheads the price of shipment may get up to £24.95. However, please be aware that in case of a highly complicated design with additional elements we may charge extra for delivery.

How long will I need to wait until my custom bobbleheads are ready?

Our craftsmen do their best to make your personalised figurines as detailed and close to reality as possible. Since all of our wedding cake toppers are handmade, we might need up to 3-4 weeks to complete your personalised figurines. If you are in a rush, you can order a 14-day express delivery that is subject to additional costs.