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4 Exciting Uses for Your Custom Bobblehead Cake Topper

bobblehead of man and guitar

Custom bobbleheads give a touch of personality to your cake. They make your delightful dessert truly special and unforgettable as they can be modelled after an image that you like or represent any memory that you want to showcase.

These unique bobbleheads were primarily used as wedding cake toppers. However, they can now be used to celebrate any special occasion and let you have a perfect keepsake that you will want to cherish for a long time. If you are thinking of fun ways to use your personalised bobblehead, here some fun ideas you may want to consider:

An upgraded family portrait

Family portraits excellently preserve the precious memories you have with the people closest to your heart. But if you are searching for a fresh and creative way to cherish the moments you have with your family, you may consider modelling your bobblehead after them. These bobbleheads make a unique decoration for your home that your loved ones will surely love!

A way to honour your deceased pet

Your deceased four-legged pal was more than just a pet—they were family, which is why losing your cat or dog can be tough and heart-breaking. One special way to immortalize your furry best friend is by making them a subject for your bobblehead. This way, you can keep a memory of them wherever you go. Whether you plan to place your pet’s bobblehead on your desk or in your car, this is a perfect means to honour their memory.

A means to showcase your stunning selfie

Take your selfies to the next level by transforming an awesome photo of yourself into a cute bobblehead. You can freely customize the miniature doll of yourself and choose from a wide variety of outfits, styles, poses, accessories, and more! 

Your selfie bobblehead can serve as a unique decoration for your home or room. This can also be a touching gift for your significant other, friends, or family to remind them that you are always there for them.

A lovely gift for your team members

If you are looking for a great giveaway for your office events, fun prizes for your team-building activities, or a charming way to express how much you appreciate your employees, then you may consider gifting them with bobbleheads. 

Since you can fully personalise your bobbleheads, these can come in your uniforms and your preferred poses and styles. You can even turn your team members into their favourite characters or superheroes and give them epic cosplay figures modelled after them! 

Make sure that these bobbleheads truly reflect their personality. As soon as they see these personalised bobbleheads, your team members will want to proudly display these one-of-a-kind decorations on their desks, which can help them stay motivated and inspired at work!


Bobbleheads serve more than just cake toppers for weddings. Nowadays, they can be used as heartwarming gifts or home decor that you can proudly display in your home or at your desk for many years to come. When having your personalised bobbleheads created, make sure to choose only a trusted shop that can execute your vision successfully.

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