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Unique Wedding Cake Toppers and How to Choose Them

Custom cake topper

The perfect wedding cake comes in layers of delectable, moist chocolate or vanilla, slathered in rich buttercream frosting and a smooth fondant. For the modern bride and groom, the only thing that can make a masterfully baked wedding cake even better is a customised wedding cake topper. As couples continue to stray from tradition and turn to more unique and progressive wedding rituals, a personalised topper can truly make the cake—pun intended! Not sure where to start? Read on for ideas on alternative toppers that may inspire yours. 

An Understated Monogram

Can’t quite stop scribbling your new last name onto a notebook? Why not add a nameplate to top your wedding cake? You might enjoy a Mr. and Mrs. wire script, a subtle display of your initials, or a grand reveal of your new moniker. 

Your Favourite Blooms

Spent hours picking out your wedding flowers? They might be petal-perfect for your wedding cake too! You can adorn your cake with edible flowers such as lavender, hibiscus, or pansies, or ask your baker to craft your favourite buttercream blooms. 

Best Friends

Nowadays, four-legged ring bearers are all the rage. If your pooch (or kitten) plays a huge role in your relationship, they might make an adorable fondant addition to your wedding cake. Not to mention, your guests will probably love it too.

Sweet Nothings and Keepsake Treasures

Your wedding can be just as sweet as it is sentimental. If you have a cherished collection of love letters, seashells, jewellery, or figurines, incorporate them into several of your layers for a tender touch. 

Paint a Thousand Words

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and so can your cake topper. Sometimes, your vows aren’t enough, so why not express your emotions through your wedding cake? A simple XOXO, a celebratory “Hooray!”, or even an “OMG!” can make for a funny cake topper for your wedding.

Shared Hobbies

Have a favourite activity together? You can feature your shared interests atop your cake. Love the Avengers? Try a superhero cake topper! Or perhaps you’ve enjoyed so much together you can’t quite limit your figurines to a cake. Don’t be shy to embellish your dessert table. Anyway, it’s your big day!

How to Choose the Perfect Cake Topper

With dozens, if not hundreds of options, picking out the perfect cake topper is no easy feat. If you’re having a little bit of trouble choosing a topper that complements your wedding theme, why not collaborate with someone like Minify Me? We can model your tops around a photograph or even bring your most outrageous ideas to life. But first, you’ll want to consider these tips and factors. 

  1. Decide whether your cake needs a topper, to begin with. Perhaps you’d rather enhance it with subtle elements so as not to overpower your design. 
  2. Remember that your wedding guests will likely be keen on checking out your cake. If you want your topper to really say something, now is your chance!
  3. How you want your reception to look is entirely up to you, but we definitely recommend choosing a topper that works with your wedding theme. Sometimes, a topper is also a keepsake after the wedding, so pick one that you’d love to display in your home. 
  4. When it comes to a cake topper, “go big or go home” isn’t always the way to go. Make sure your topper isn’t too big (or too small) for your cake. A good rule of thumb is to leave an inch of space around it. 


Remember, your wedding day is all about you and your loved one and an adorable cake topper can make dessert time all the more meaningful! For the perfect bride and groom wedding cake toppers, collaborate with us at Minify Me! 

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