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Why Batman and Catwoman Make Great Wedding Cake Toppers

Superhero Cake Topper

Need some ideas for superhero cake toppers for your wedding? Batman and Catwoman might just be the inspiration you need.

Batman and Catwoman have about 80 years of comic book history between them. Not all of it was good, to be honest. It’s been a rough rollercoaster of crimefighting bliss and action-packed turmoil that’s pretty representative of many real-life relationships.

Maybe not the part where they dangle from rooftops and beat up bad (and good) guys, but the ups and downs of their romance are something most couples would be able to relate to.

In this article, we’ll pay homage to some of the best moments between the two of them to show you just what we mean. If you’re a comic book fan and a diehard sucker for romance, then you’re going to want to read on.

[Warning: comic spoilers below.]

When They First Met

Batman and Catwoman met in the pages of Batman #1, dating all the way back to 1940. This was Catwoman’s first official appearance in the comics, and it described how Batman foiled her attempts to rob a prized necklace.

It’s an exciting story, but more importantly, it immediately set the tone for the future of BatCat’s relationship. There was an immediate attraction between them, and a certain level of flirtation quickly followed. The Bat even threatened Catwoman to a spanking just moments after he’d stopped her plan.

The Reveal

The Hush story arc published back in 2002 served to redefine Batman’s and Catwoman’s relationship. This was a pretty huge jump forward from when the couple first met, but the story represented a pivotal moment between them that changed the course of their romance.

After years of flirtation and unrequited attraction, Batman finally decided to take things to the next level and unmasked himself in front of Catwoman. It was a moment of complete vulnerability and openness meant as a way of establishing trust between them. While the arc ended with Batman pushing Catwoman away for his own reasons, it marked the beginning of a new direction for their respective paths.

Batman Proposes

In 2017, after more years of tension and making up, Batman finally proposed to Catwoman as a cliffhanger ending to Batman #24. This was part of DC’s Rebirth, a relaunch of the entire universe’s lore that we understand can be confusing.

Anyway, the book ended with Batman asking Catwoman to marry him in the pouring rain. She eventually said “yes” in a later issue, and it seemed like decades of storytelling would finally culminate in the wedding we’d all been waiting for. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out and Catwoman decided to call things off. Her reason was that if she had married the Bat, then he would cease to exist.

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Things didn’t turn out as we’d hope for the masked duo, but their story shows us the many intricacies of love and its power to completely disarm even the toughest of men and women. Batman was willing to expose himself fully to Catwoman, and she was willing to sacrifice a potential future of happiness so that he could continue to be who he needed to be.

If the love between Batman and Catwoman resonates with you on more levels than one, then why not express that in your own wedding cake? You can have personalized cosplay figures made to resemble you and your soon-to-be spouse dressed up in the characters’ iconic ensembles. It’ll be a great way to make your wedding extra special, and you’ll have a great story to share with your guests. 

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