Why A Custom Bobblehead Is Needed On Your Boring Desk

Thor-Main bobblehead

A company or organisation cannot exist without the people responsible for running them and ensuring that everything works the way they should. The workplace evolves every year to meet the demands of humans and their interactions with their environments. This means that the boring office of the 90s that drove Tyler Durden insane enough to create his “underground brawl network” ceases to exist. 

The modern office looks extremely aesthetically pleasing, with fewer cramped cubicles and less bland office lighting due to the addition of larger windows and warmer bulbs. The rows upon rows of white desks are slowly fading away, with employees decorating their workspaces with colours and toys that make working less of a chore. 

One of the favourite desktop decorations of all time continues to be the bobblehead. Whether it is the bobblehead of your favourite childhood superhero or a footie superstar, bobbleheads are a fun decoration to spice up your space. 

Workplace Creativity

Your day at work normally acts like your second home. In the corporate world, we spend hours upon hours sitting at our desks, answering calls and emails on a computer screen. Wouldn’t this drive you mad without some creativity and designing? Put up some bold colours and perhaps fun office toys like a desktop putting green, or a fun frame of you and your family. 

If you are spending a minimum of eight hours in the same place for months on end, consider the office your second home, and get creative in the office (within rules, of course). A custom bobblehead of the wife or your kid is the perfect addition to an office desk because you don’t need to worry about damaging anything, as this just sits beside your monitor. 

Office Bobbleheads And Why You Will Want A Custom One

Having a bobblehead to poke at and see it nod in agreement is great fun, especially when you ask if your work is worth the stress and it just nods intensely. But what makes it even more fun is when you have one made that contains your very own face on it. You’ll have a mini you that you can be silly with, and the best (or worst, it depends) part is that he or she will always agree!

The corporate workspace can be a drag, and many employees feel that way. While not all despise the work they do, having accent pieces that make you feel as if you are working at an office as fun as Google’s might even motivate you to work even harder. A bobblehead custom made of your boss could be a good gift to give him that may even warrant you a promotion one day or some weird look because of the photo you chose. 

While you’re at it, make a whole starting-eleven of your Sunday league club to spend time off work day-dreaming about scoring that hat trick on your next game. The possibilities are quite literally endless with a custom bobblehead, as you can choose what the figure will be wearing, and the face that goes on it.


Workplaces are getting less and less dull as time progresses. The importance of work fatigue and the correlation with how offices are set up has begun to get company owners to rethink their layouts. Even if your boss still hasn’t set up your office to be as fun as you’d like, you can start by making your own personal touches to your desk or cubicle. Art, fun desk toys, a plant or two, and a custom bobblehead can give an otherwise bland space into one full of life. 

If you are looking for a custom bobblehead for a gift, a wedding cake topper, or an office accent, make your next move with Minify Me. These amazing pieces of art are handmade by our talented craftsmen, highly , and of top-tier quality. Topping it off with worldwide delivery, you won’t go wrong with our amazing products no matter where you find yourself. 

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