3 Reasons Why Your Next Wedding Present Should Be A Custom Bobblehead


Let’s face it: finding the perfect wedding gift is not an easy task. You don’t want to break the bank, but you also want something that the couple is sure to appreciate. Many people go straight for appliances for the newlywed’s new house, or the staple fancy plates and cutlery. Sure, you will generally not go wrong with these items. But if you truly want to stand out, you should opt for something more unique and personalised. 

If you’re out of ideas, you should try getting your friends their very own custom bobbleheads. 

Custom bobbleheads are a great way to commemorate special occasions such as a wedding, and can even be functional as a wedding cake topper. That being said, there are many more reasons to get your newly wedded friends a custom bobblehead. 

Here are three wonderful reasons why every couple will enjoy unwrapping an intricately made custom bobblehead for their big day. 

Bobbleheads Are Timeless

Appliances break down, fancy plates break, and flowers get old rather quickly. Meanwhile, your custom bobbleheads will stand the test of time, without so much as a crack or a faded colour. Because they are great centrepieces to any decorative ensemble, they will remind your friends of their big day, years after they exchanged vows. Given that they are made of durable material such as high-quality polymer clay, your gift will bring smiles to the couple without the need to be delicate or any kind of maintenance other than the occasional dusting. 

Bobbleheads Are Customisable

There’s nothing stopping you from adding your own special touch. Custom bobbleheads can be made to match the likeness of people as close as possible, with the option to add some twists of your liking. For example, instead of dressing them as a standard wedding day couple in tuxedos or white dresses, you can opt to dress them as their favorite superhero characters, in whichever pose you prefer. They could even be saving the world like the power couple that they are. Maybe they met in the gym and enjoyed pumping iron together so much that they decided to get married? You could depict them as weightlifters. The only limit is your own imagination. 

Bobbleheads Scream Unique

When shopping for gifts, there’s always a chance of buying something that somebody else already thought of. Custom bobbleheads are one of a kind and made by hand, so you can make sure that there will be nothing else like it. Trust us on this: your newlywed friends will highly appreciate the fact that you didn’t settle for the first things that you saw on the wedding gifts aisle, and instead got them a bespoke gift that will remind them of their special day for years to come. 


Special occasions require special gifts, and you’ll be hard-pressed to come up with anything more special than giving your friends their own action figures. You can be as creative and specific as you like. All we need are good quality photos of your friends’ faces from the front and the side, as well as any details that you would like to add. 

Minify Me is a team of talented people specialising in handcrafted custom bobbleheads in the UK. We only need good quality photos to capture your likeness, and the rest is up to you! Contact us today to know more. 

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