What Should You Buy: Retail Bobblehead or Custom Bobblehead?

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No celebration is complete without a cake, which is why this tasty treat is considered as the highlight of every special occasion. To make this dessert even more special, many celebrants top their cakes with a retail bobblehead or a custom bobblehead.

Retail Bobblehead vs Custom Bobblehead: What Are Their Differences?

Retail bobbleheads are bobbleheads that are widely available in brick-and-mortar stores and established online shops. They are recognized by their brands and characterized by their theme. 

On the other hand, custom bobbleheads are more special. They require more attention to detail and craftsmanship since the models can be based on you, your family members, pets, or celebrities—anyone and anything you want to immortalize through a bobblehead. The only limit is your imagination.

What Are Bobbleheads Made From?

Bobbleheads can be produced from a wide variety of materials. The most common material is resin and plastic. Other bobbleheads can also be wooden or ceramic. 

What makes resin a great material for making bobblehead figurines is that they are hard and durable and allow for greater shaping of the body. Meanwhile, plastic bobbleheads are created from a prototype.

Why Should You Buy a Bobblehead?

Whether you are tying the knot or looking for a charming gift for your loved one, a bobblehead can serve as an excellent personalised wedding cake topper or a memorable present to your friend, family member, or even colleague. 

Your bobblehead can become memorabilia or a family keepsake that you can proudly display on your shelves for many years to come. This can also serve as part of your exciting collection of one-of-a-kind figurines.

Meanwhile, if your four-legged family member recently passed away and you are looking for a way to remember your dog or cat at all times, then you may consider preserving their memory by using their photo as a model of your customized bobblehead. On the other hand, if you are a fan of superheroes, then you may transform yourself into your favourite superhero with a bobblehead figurine.

Can Bobbleheads Get Expensive?

Contemporary bobbleheads that are used as cake toppers or displays at home or in the office are usually affordable depending on their design, material, and size. Since they are used for practical purposes, they do not cost much. However, bobbleheads can get expensive at times. There are types of bobbleheads that are truly unique that could amount to crazy sums of money. These include those that cannot be found anywhere else and are part of a specific era or group. In addition, bobbleheads could cost you a lot of money if you are interested in collecting figurines.


Regardless of the special occasion or purpose, a retail bobblehead or a custom bobblehead can make any celebration more memorable and can make any cake or shelf unique and special. When buying a bobblehead, buy only from a reliable physical or online store that can turn your vision into reality and let you attain a cake topper or display that you will cherish for many years.

Meanwhile, if you are getting married, then why not add some personality and uniqueness to your wedding cake with a one-of-a-kind wedding cake topper? We offer our products worldwide. Contact us to place your order now!

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