4 Classic Gift Ideas for a Custom Bobblehead

Across-The-Threshold bobbleheads

Bobbleheads have provided people with entertainment and joy throughout decades. These pocket-sized figurines have slowly found their way into people’s hearts because of their distinct quality to last through the test of time.

There’s nothing quite like giving your family and friends custom bobbleheads as gifts. Not only do they stand as a decorative ornament display in their own houses, but it also proves your attentiveness and caring nature because you remembered them and even went out of your way to get them a personalised present.

If you want to know more unique uses of providing custom bobbleheads as a gift for your loved ones, read on further below.

Custom Bobbleheads are Perfect for Weddings

If you’re thinking about skipping a wedding gift registry and coming up with a present of your own, customised wedding cake toppers is a great idea. It holds a sentimental value of its own that’s unlike other wedding gifts the couple has ever received.

On the other hand, if you’re the one getting married, do away with regular wedding figurines, and use custom bobbleheads instead. This allows room for more memorable moments while adding a charming twist to your delicious wedding cake.   

Custom Bobbleheads can Represent Your Sports Team

A lot of sports teams around the world have been using custom bobbleheads to showcase their players since the beginning. That’s why considering a custom bobblehead for your very own sports team is also a fun idea.

It uplifts your team’s spirits, it makes for a good souvenir after finishing a season, and can also serve as the trophies after each competition. To make it even more special, your Most Valuable Player should also have their personalised bobblehead to thank them for their relentless energy.

Custom Bobbleheads Give Value in the Workplace

For companies that give out an employee of the month award, an employee with the most sales, and more, instead of the usual photo on the wall, why not take things up a notch and present them with a custom bobblehead to better commemorate the event. Bobbleheads can also serve as a comforting retirement present, proving that your employee will be missed by the company once they’re gone.

Not only do custom bobbleheads show your gratitude for the work and effort they’ve dedicated to your company, but it will also prove that you care for your employees after all. Being thoughtful goes a long way than just giving out generic prizes. 

Custom Bobbleheads are Great Christmas Presents

Buying gifts for someone is always so complicated, especially if the person either accepts almost anything you give them or prefers not receiving anything at all. With the help of a custom bobblehead, your last-minute present won’t look like you didn’t exert enough effort into coming up with. 

Bobbleheads will last on people’s shelves longer than the shirt you were supposed to get them that they’ll end up outgrowing or the box of cookies that will end up being eaten in one sitting. To make things more interesting, think of their favourite superhero or character and base their personalised bobblehead on that.


Custom bobbleheads are a fun way of telling someone you care for them. It shows your touching way of wanting to keep your relationship for the following years to come.

Minify Me delivers unique figurines, including custom bobbleheads in the UK. If you’re looking for unique gift ideas, get in touch with us now! 

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