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Our Guide to Customising Your Wedding


It’s not always that you get to wed your soulmate. That’s why even if it isn’t an obligation, making your wedding day memorable has always been the objective of most couples. Customising the wedding is one way to make the special union an unforgettable day. From the invitations to the clothes, and the cakes and souvenirs, couples want to align all details with their theme and story. 

If you want to add more personal touches to your big day, here are the other ways you can personalise your wedding.

1. Customise your wedding table names

Using numbers per table is so old fashioned. Now, you can personalise each table by creating table names fitted for every guest or according to your favourites. Moreover, you can add customised designs for each table number. Make sure all elements reflect your wedding theme or your personalities to make them memorable.

2. Serve a special reception drink

If you love mixing drinks, you can make your wedding day extra special by serving your special cocktails on your big day. You can experiment with a new concoction or prepare your usual favourite days ahead of your wedding day. You can put them in customised bottles or cocktail glasses to make them even more special.

One excellent way to make your wedding day memorable is to make your cut-out logos yourself. You can display it on the couple table or the dance floor. Add some lighting to give it a magical feel, and you’re good to go. It will be part of your wedding photos, and there’s a good story you can tell behind it. Moreover, it serves as the official branding on your wedding day, which makes it even more memorable.

4. Consider DIY videography

If you’re not considering hiring a professional videographer on your wedding day, here’s a trick you can do to make the whole experience exciting. Ask your guests to shoot your wedding ceremony and dance in the rawest way they can capture. It would be best if you captured some moments yourself too. Expect the output not to be as polished as professionals do, but it would surely give you unedited and happy memories to reminisce in the future. 

5. Create your wedding playlist

Make the wedding more you by choosing your favourite music as your wedding soundtrack. By using the songs you can jam into, you’re also free to sing your heart out or show off your dance moves the whole night. In short, you’re allowed to have fun because it’s your night!

6. Customise your wedding cake topper

Make your wedding cake extra special by adding custom bobbleheads as your wedding cake topper. Since it’s customised, you can make it look however you want it to appear. You can change the clothes or apply the theme to your cake display. Moreover, you can keep the bobbleheads as cute and exceptional souvenirs after your wedding. 

Here are some ways to express your creativity with your bride and groom wedding cake toppers:

  • Unique themes – It’s your cake, so feel free to design it in any theme you want. You can change the environment, make it look like a scene from your favourite film, and more.
  • Stick to the traditional – Proceed with using designs that have good messages or symbolisms. For example, adding images of stones and bowls is a representation of the support of your loved ones during your union celebration.
  • Make it funny – If you and your partner are fans of good humour, your cake should reflect it. Imagine a bride kissing a frog, or a groom and a bridezilla as your cake topper, but only do so if both of you find the ideas funny. 


The key to making your wedding a day to remember and different from other weddings is to add your personal touches to it. Customising a wedding is not limited to the cake or the menu. You can apply your personality to all the wedding elements you can think of. 

If you are looking for customised wedding cake toppers, we supply and ship worldwide. Feel free to browse our site and see options and inspirations for your custom bobbleheads, and we’ll take care of the rest. Contact us today to learn more. 

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