Things to Ask When Looking for a Custom Bobblehead Maker

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Custom bobbleheads are a great addition to a shelf, work area, or display case. They are a quirky conversation starter and are lovely accent pieces in any space. If you are in the market for a bobblehead, here are some things to check.

How High Quality Is The Clay Used?

The best custom bobblehead figures are made of high-quality clay. The materials shouldn’t be flimsy or break down quickly. It should also be easy for designers to mould it into various shapes. Even if custom figures like these will likely stay behind glass cases or on a shelf, they should be able to withstand different weather conditions.

How Well Does The Designer Capture Likenesses?

A custom bobblehead is primarily a novelty item. Whether your figure is a wedding cake topper or a corporate giveaway, you would want it to look like the person or character it is supposed to represent. The likeness of an official mascot or a real person can be challenging to replicate, and a top-quality bobblehead company can achieve this.

How Big Are The Figurines They Make?

It is also nice to look at the sizes of the figurines the company makes. It is possible to get bobbleheads in various designs and sizes. Most bobblehead dolls are around 16.5 to 19.5 centimetres while standing. Keep in mind that most people would want to display a bobblehead. As such, you should have a specific reason for getting a custom figure smaller or larger than the standard.

How Is The Attention To Detail?

The most convincing bobbleheads are the ones with plenty of details. If you have someone design custom dolls of your parents, for example, it will not look like them unless you provide details that match their look. Your bobblehead designer should be able to capture hairstyles, facial expressions, outfit styles, and even accessories.

Are The Colours They Use Vibrant?

Inadequately coloured bobbleheads appear substandard even if they use good quality clay. The colours used affect the puppet’s appearance. If the tones blur, the dolls will not look their best. High-quality makers will use the appropriate hues and take into consideration techniques for shading and colour gradation.

How Much Do These Dolls Cost?

Of course, one cannot just look at the quality of a bobblehead. Even if you’re giving it as a gift or a token of appreciation, your figurine should strike a balance between affordability and quality. When deciding if the unit cost is worth it, consider the complexity of your order, the number of pieces, the promised turnaround time, and how quickly you can get it to the recipients.

Final Words

Custom bobbleheads are a unique way of showing appreciation, marking a milestone, or recognising someone’s efforts. When choosing a bobblehead maker, it is not enough to look at the price. You must also consider things like attention to detail, the quality of clay or colours used, and the details’ fineness. It does not hurt to consider how much you will spend in all—though if you have a great bobblehead maker, you will surely get your money’s worth!

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