How to Custom-Design Your Bobblehead: Step-by-Step Guide

Liverpool-FC bobblehead

If you could not take your eyes off the bobblehead you saw in your friend’s car that kept nodding and swaying its head, why not get one for yourself? A custom bobblehead is a great gift idea, whether for yourself or a loved one, regardless of the occasion. It is also an excellent customised wedding cake topper you can have on your special day. If you are curious about making one, here is a breakdown of the steps you need to do after finding a supplier to work on it for you. 

Step-By-Step Guide in Making a Custom Bobblehead

Step 1: Identify the Body Type

The body is the first aspect that you should decide on, and custom bobbleheads give you two body type options to choose from. 

One is the regular body, which means you can choose from the supplier’s choices. These body types often come with costumes. Choices can be different professions or personalities that already exist in their design catalogue. The other option is the custom body, wherein you are free to style your bobblehead’s body the way you want it. You can choose what clothes they will wear or what shoes they will be using.

Find the best one that will fit both the recipient’s personality and the occasion you are planning to give or use it. 

Step 2: Decide on Your Base

The base refers to the stage or environment in which the character will appear. You can be playful and choose a fun environment or align it with the theme of your event. You can make your character sit in the grass, on top of a book, or inside your dream car. You are free to request any environment you want, and that is what makes custom bobbleheads a unique and lovely gift.

Step 3: Enumerate the accessories

Adding accessories is the best way to make your custom bobblehead look like the real person. Do they have a tattoo? Or do they often wear a hat, bag, glasses, or a ring? You can add all these tiny details to your personalised bobblehead. Make sure to supply your provider with visual references for a more accurate recreation. 

Step 4: Select the Material You Want

The material will determine how long your custom bobblehead will take to make and its quality. The price will also vary, depending on the material you choose to use. Here are some of the standard options: 

  • Polyresin: A highly-customisable material that can give you a more durable output with great details
  • Polymer clay: A material that is easy to use and will require a short amount of time to cook
  • Clay: The cheapest and most fragile material to work with 

Ask your supplier for their recommendations based on your budget and needs.

Step 5: Check the Proofing Cost

Since custom bobbleheads are personalised, they are prone to imperfections. Before you proceed with your purchase, make sure that you know how many “edits” you can do and their cost before finalising a design. Make sure to understand the terms and conditions before committing. 

Step 6: Identify the Quantity

If you plan on reproducing the custom bobblehead, make sure to let your supplier know. Since anything handmade and customised takes time to produce, you need to ensure that your chosen supplier can deliver. The pricing will also vary depending on your supplier. Some will charge the same cost, while others will provide discounts. Check if it is within your budget and timeline. 


Custom bobbleheads are a creative gift idea perfect for any occasion. Anyone who receives one will appreciate the customisation and thoughtfulness that comes with it. Make sure to know what you want to make the process smoother and faster.

Custom bobbleheads are always an excellent idea for wedding cake toppers. If you are looking for one in the UK, Minify Me can provide them for you. We create handmade, high-quality, personalised wedding cake toppers based on your photos and ship them anywhere worldwide. Contact us for your inquiries. 

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