What Fun Things Can I Do With Personalised Bobbleheads?

Personalised Bobbleheads

Bobbleheads were first enjoyed by kids who were entertained by the wiggly aesthetics of the toys. And over time, it has gained popularity among adults because there are so many things you can do with these fun objects. 

Often, personalised bobbleheads are used as dashboard decoration for cars so you can add a bit of character to your vehicle. Meanwhile, some like to use bobbleheads as a wedding cake topper for more personalisation, and others love to give them as a fun gift to their loved ones. Besides, isn’t it quite funny to see a miniature version of yourself bobbing around the corner? 

Apart from the options we mentioned earlier, there are other thrilling ways to incorporate bobbleheads into your life. If you find yourself bored and you’re scratching your head thinking about what you can do with your bobbleheads, we’ve got you covered. Here are some ideas you can do with your custom bobbleheads. Let’s get to it!

1. Prank your teacher

If you want a safe and funny way to prank your favourite teacher, your secret weapon is a few bobbleheads. For this prank, another teacher and your classmates should be on board with you. 

To do this, everyone in the class, including the teacher you’re pranking, should have their personalised bobblehead. After that, place all your bobbleheads on their respective seats, and put your teacher’s on their desk. Once everything is in place, you and your classmates should hide and wait until your teacher arrives. 

Your teacher’s reaction will be hilarious once they see bobbleheads in chairs instead of real people, so make sure you document their response!

2. Give your roommate a scare

Another prank you can do with your bobblehead is to give your roommate a bit of fright. To do this, you need a little help from your friends to execute the concept. 

The first thing you should do is to have all your friends, including yourself, have custom bobbleheads made, wearing the same outfit you’re planning to wear at the gathering in your place. Once you have the bobbleheads ready and all your friends have arrived, make sure the friend you want to prank can’t see your bobbleheads. 

Now that everyone’s there, including the friend you’ll prank, start by sharing scary stories to each other to change up the vibe and mood in the room. In the middle of the activity, slip in a scary story about how the characters suddenly turned into dolls. Once the storytelling sessions are done, ask your friend to get some snacks in the kitchen, or something that may take a bit of time. 

Once they’re out of the room, quickly arrange the bobbleheads in place and hide where your friend can’t see you. Ensure you have a camera ready to capture their reaction because it’s a scary thing to have a horror story turn into reality.

3. Office worker prank

A great way to lighten up the office’s mood is by planning a prank towards your co-worker. If it’s their birthday, it’ll be even funnier!

First, you need to make sure that your whole team is on board with pranking your co-worker. Once you have all hands on deck, you need to have a custom bobblehead of the office worker you want to prank made and ready before your scheduled meeting. Now that you have your bobblehead ready, ensure that everyone from your team is early for the meeting and set your co-worker’s bobblehead on their seat.

Now, you want to start your meeting as if the co-worker you want to prank is there. They’ll then walk into the room puzzled to find a mini version of themselves in their seat!


Custom bobbleheads can be fun for both kids and adults. Its versatility allows you to do various activities and pranks that will surely leave an unforgettable experience with your friends and loved ones. So if you want to inject a bit of fun, try doing some of these pranks; you’ll even have a bobblehead of your own so you can remember that memory forever.

Are you thinking of having custom bobbleheads made? Minify Me does an exceptional job at creating unique figurines of people, allowing you to experience the joy that comes with seeing your likeness on a figurine. Create a mini version of yourself or loved one today!

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