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How to Repurpose Your Cake Wedding Topper After the Big Day

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Congratulations on your wedding! Now, you may find yourself reliving in your head every special moment you had. Go ahead and enjoy every memory you can think of. By now, you’ll also find yourself excited to open all your wedding gifts and maybe clueless on what to do with all the wedding props you have including your bride and groom wedding cake topper.

Wedding cake toppers are something tangible you can keep after the wedding, and some brides may be confused about what to do with it. You can make it extra special by giving it an extra role in your life. Here are three ways you can do to your wedding cake toppers:

1. For another event decor

If you have a general wedding cake topper, you can always reuse it for other events, such as birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, retirements, or other events. Use your imagination and see how it will fit your event or to the given theme for your celebration. A cake is always part of any celebration. Add decor on top to make them more special.

2. Pass it on

How about keeping it safe and secure until your first-born’s wedding? You can gift it as the “something old” they can use as a topper in their wedding cake. A classic wedding display will always be trendy, plus, it will create a special bond between you and your child.

3. House decor

Be proud and use your wedding cake topper as a display in your home. This way, you are reminded every day of how memorable your wedding day was.

Here are some ways you can explore, especially if you’re decorating your brand new home:

  • Use it as the bookend for your bookshelf. If you love reading books, make your favourite books look more lovely by adding your wedding cake topper right next to them.
  • Use it as part of the floral centrepiece in your table in the dining or living room. Make your flowers appear more special by adding your topper in the middle of your flower arrangement.
  • Display it on top of your dresser, so every time you glance at it, you see a beautiful reminder of your special day.
  • Display it right next to your wedding picture. Complete the whole look, and then, make it your wedding corner.
  • You can also create a wedding memorabilia wall or box and put it as a display in your home.
  • If you have a fish tank, you can add it inside. I would be a perfect place for your cake topper if your wedding had a beach theme.
  • A monogram as a cake display is more flexible. If you have one, whether an initial or a full name display, you can show it off in your door, your living room, or office table.

Show the love you share as a couple through these little decor touches around your house.


Instead of throwing out your wedding remembrance, try to repurpose it and give it another life. It can help give your home a personal touch or make your child’s future wedding extra special.

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