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Top 3 Wedding Cake Toppers to Choose For Your Special Day

Wedding receptions are not complete without a wedding cake, and the confectionery tradition often starts the party on a sweet note. Cutting into the sugary goodness isn’t just romantic, but it also ties your decor together by acting as a mouth-watering centrepiece. 

More than being a delicious bite, the colour, design, and wedding toppers can make or mar the cake. After all, you need the cake to look just as beautiful as your theme, which is why design elements such as the wedding topper can add a personal touch that can tie your cake with your special day. 

With so many choices, finding the best wedding topper that captures your personality as a couple can be difficult. With that in mind, the list below explores some creative ideas that are sure to take the cake!

1. Capture Your Personality Using Mini Versions of the Couple as a Wedding Topper!

Classic wedding toppers typically involve a figurine of the couple standing side-by-side, but why not put a twist to your cake by adding playful touches to the figures? You can add some humour to showcase your unique characteristics, or even base the toppers on your hobbies as a couple! 

If both of you are a fan of sports, your wedding topper can sport figurines that are mid-action – whether it’s basketball, soccer, baseball, and more. 

2. Figurines that Showcase Where the Bride and Groom Met! 

Another way to tell your love story is to put it on top of a cake! With that in mind, the wedding topper can reflect the location of the bride and groom’s first meeting – be it in a special destination, at the beach, or even in classrooms! 

You can also add two figurines of the couple to add a complete narrative and make for a sweet take on your story together. 

3. Make a Statement with Your Wedding Topper 

Another trendy wedding topper is to laser-cut calligraphed words, allowing couples to make a statement for their cake. Whether it’s to shout out your love, promise, a monogram, a phrase, or just the couple’s name together, calligraphy adds a whimsical touch and understated elegance to your wedding design. 

The Bottom Line 

Choosing the perfect wedding cake isn’t just about the taste. If you’re craving for the ideal slice that captures your personality as a couple, then finding the best design for your wedding topper is crucial. After all, a good wedding cake should look good as it tastes. 

If you’re looking to personalise your wedding toppers for your unique wedding cake, we are your best option! We create personal wedding toppers, figures, and bobbleheads in the UK, get in touch with us at 0330 127 6360 to see how we can help you ace your wedding cake. 

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