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9 Ways to Personalise Your Wedding Cake – Our Guide


A wedding without a cake will surely feel incomplete. A wedding cake is a part of the tradition passed on from generation to generation. The cutting of the cake is one of the first activities done by the newlyweds, and it can have different meanings depending on what country you’re from. That is how symbolic cakes are.

You can make your wedding cake extra special by customising it, and there are many ways you can explore to achieve this. Here are some ideas to consider:

Add your logo or name

Bring your wedding logo to life or display your new name through laser cut wedding cake toppers. They make any cake look classy and special because of their style and look.

A thematic display

Every wedding follows a certain theme. It makes the event look cohesive. Try to be creative and think of a symbol or image that will reflect your wedding theme to your wedding cake.

Add some sparkles

If you’re into making grand entrance and decorations, try adding sparkles to your wedding cake. Just make sure to seek permission from the venue and to let your wedding team know about this plan. Make sure that the last sparks are out before you start to cut your cake.

Add photos

Photos bring back memories. Make your cutting of wedding cake special by adding your favourite photos on it. It can be an old photo of you and your partner, a photo of your favourite pet, or a photo of the whole family. Make the experience more fun by using edible photos.

Favourite dessert

Who said cake should be the only dessert you can eat at your wedding? If you love other desserts like doughnuts, candies, or cookies, ask your supplier to add them for you. It will make your cake “very you,” and it will make you happy too!

Fresh fruits

You can also turn it the other way and add your favourite fruits instead of sweets as wedding cake toppers. This way, your cake will be more health-friendly, yet still colourful and fun.

Classic flowers

Make everything look more romantic by adding flowers around your cake. You can make it unique by adding a fresh flower from your wedding bouquet. You can ask your florist to make a special arrangement for your cake or ask your cake designer to add more decor using a flower or leaf from your wedding bouquet.

Favourite toy display

What is more personalised than a cake with your favourite action figure on top of it? This is one way of showing them who you are and what your interests are. This way, you also get to spend your memorable day with your precious possessions.

Customised wedding cake topper

Make your wedding cake extra special by adding a bride and groom wedding cake topper with your face in them. Seeing your small figurines on top of your wedding cake will surely bring smiles to you and your spouse.


Little personal touches can make your wedding memorable and unforgettable. You can make this happen in many ways, but one thing you can keep forever is a customised wedding cake topper.

Whether you’re thinking about getting fun wedding cake toppers or a personalised gift for your partner, we can do it for you. Our figurines are handmade and high-quality, and we use safe, non-toxic polymer clay. We are based in the UK, but we cater to different clients worldwide. Contact us now to learn more!

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