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Why Custom Bobbleheads Make Fantastic Gifts for Newlyweds

Weddings revolve around the most special union between two people, one which can be considered an elevated state of fellowship. Every celebration of this union is unique, with the couple’s character shining through in their preferences in every detail of their wedding. 

Guests may wonder how to best help the newlyweds celebrate this first step in their new life with the perfect gift. Perhaps a set of bath towels, linens, or china would be practical, but they’re not exactly the most memorable presents. Getting creative with your gift to the newly married couple by giving them something like personalised cosplay figures will allow them to look back on their special day even more fondly!

How to Shop for the Right Wedding Gift

Shopping for the perfect wedding gift may seem like a daunting task, and although you should take it seriously, it doesn’t have to be a difficult endeavour. You should have as much fun purchasing the gift for your newlywed friends as they will have fun receiving it. 

Try to get an inkling of what their interests are and then swing your gift in that direction. If they’re a couple that likes Star Wars, for instance, then getting them a Star Wars-themed plate set will not only satisfy their inner fan, but they’ll also have practical and fun new plates to use for dinner! 

If you’re really lost with what to give them, then try considering a gift with one simple objective: to bring joy. Whether or not it’s aligned with their specific tastes doesn’t matter; what’s important is that the gift sparks some kind of happiness in one way or another. 

Wedding Gift Ideas 

Whether you choose to stick with a conventional present or a customised one is entirely up to you, but the bride and groom are likely to enjoy the latter especially. One of the easiest and most fun personalised gifts to present to the happy couple are custom bobbleheads made in their likeness. While they don’t serve a functional purpose as a new vacuum cleaner might, these joyful little gifts will make your newlywed friends smile even after years into their marriage.  

Another idea that makes use of the custom bobblehead is to turn it into a fun wedding cake topper. Giving your present in advance is key here, but it can make the couple’s wedding day that much more fun! 

Depending on how well you know the couple, you can have them designed in funny poses that match their hobbies and personalities. However, if you want to play it safe, you can also ask the designer to create a generic yet charming looking figurine in the couple’s likeness. 

Why the Custom Bobblehead is the Perfect Gift

Some wedding guests might feel a little pressure with gift-giving. While you don’t want to spend too much money on a gift, buying a cheap one wouldn’t exactly give the best impression either. Custom bobbleheads can seem like a small present for something as special and grand as a wedding—but because they’re personalised for the bride and groom, it will show them how you considered their personalities and interests to make a thoughtful gift!


Choosing a wedding gift is a task that you’ll want to take seriously. After all, being invited to your friends’ special day is an honour; the least you can do is present them with something special as a token of your appreciation! Meaningful and thoughtful gifts will always hold a place in the recipients’ hearts, whether you’re giving them to a birthday recipient or a newlywed couple. There’s no cuter, funnier, and more standout present than a simple, charming, personalised custom bobblehead figurine!

Here at Minify Me, we specialise in wedding cake toppers that are personalised to bear the likeness of the recipient. Ideal for birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries, it’s the perfect gift that will allow people to delight in a minified version of themselves. Design your own custom bobblehead with us today!

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