Ways to Use Your Wedding Cake Topper After the Big Day

wedding cake topper

Wedding cake toppers are sweet little remembrances from your special day that are lovely trinkets to keep afterwards. Something with great sentimental value should be preserved and presented in just the right way to retain its quality, especially for something as significant as the day you got married! Choosing the right topper for your cake will ensure that you get to keep it for several years after your wedding, so your options could include figurines made of durable material or a simple, sturdy monogram. 

Coming up with ideas on how to best use your wedding cake topper can be a little challenging, as it’s such a unique decoration may seem fitting only for a cake. However, there are many other ways that you can display and use your figurine in your home that will allow you to remember your wedding day with a certain fondness! 

Here’s how to use your wedding cake topper after your wedding day:

Have a Monogram for Your Home

Although it’s a common cake topper, monograms have a classic and yet modern look to them. Try displaying this on a console table with a fresh bouquet, or place it right below the peephole of your front door if it’s large enough. It’s also perfect to be mounted on the wall of your bedroom or to use as a decoration centrepiece during holiday dinners.

Reusable Decoration for Special Occasions

Well-made cake toppers can be reused during other special occasions and celebrations. Depending on the design that you’ve chosen, you can use wedding cake toppers on other cakes for birthdays and anniversaries. 

If you need something fun to put on your cake during any family celebration, then you can use your cute little figurine to brighten up the occasion. Everybody will get a kick out of it, and it will look great on top of any cake. 

For extra fun, choose to go with custom bobbleheads for your wedding cake so that you can use it as a silly decoration for many more events than the traditional figurine or monogram!

Display It as Unique Wall Art

Framing your cake topper in a shadow box is a beautiful way to keep it on display in any appropriate area of your home. You could place it on the mantle in your dining room, on the living room table, or any other place that’s suitable for display. 

Although a plain shadow box looks best, you may also opt to use your printed wedding vows or another background of your choice to make it more unique. Including other mementoes from your wedding ceremony in the shadow box along with your wedding topper can also turn it in into a wonderfully nostalgic display. 

Preserve It as an Heirloom

Having an heirloom to pass onto your children is something truly special. This object is being passed down from one generation to the next, holding the history of the original bearer along with it. While a cake topper might seem like a non-traditional option, it will undoubtedly be a memorable one for your child to receive and one that they can cherish as they grow into adulthood.


Many people remember their wedding days when they catch a glimpse of the wedding dress or see the large framed photo hanging on their wall. But remembering the smaller details of that day full of love can also happen in little ways: a glance down at your wedding ring, seeing the pin you used to keep your veil in place, and perhaps even in the custom-made figurine you had sitting on top of your wedding cake. It’s a small token that you can cherish and remember your wedding with for many years to come.

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