3 One-of-a-Kind Ways to Use Your Custom Bobbleheads

Custom bobbleheads are primarily used as souvenirs for various events and special occasions, but they can serve different purposes. They are commonly used now as wedding cake toppers and can be customized with practically any design you want! However, these quirky toppers are not only limited to wedding parties and church aisles. Here are some one-of-a-kind ways to use them outside of weddings:

Spread warmth, joy, and love this holiday season by giving your friends and loved ones with personalised presents. Custom bobbleheads make a unique and imaginative gift, and the recipients will truly appreciate them because you take the time and effort to give them gifts that are specifically made just for them. 

To make the custom bobbleheads even more special, personalise each one according to the interests, passions, or hobbies of the recipients. You can catch their likeness and apply them to custom costumes, including their favourite characters, superheroes, and quirky cosplays modelled after their photos.

Order as early as possible when sending bobbleheads as holiday gifts. Keep in mind that they are handmade dolls, which means they usually take anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks to finish. Purchasing the bobbleheads weeks before your gatherings ensures that every relative, family member, friend, or colleague will receive a heartwarming present from you.

Consider ordering bobbleheads from us. We specialise in personalised figurines that are modelled after your preferred photos, and they come in more than 100 different designs. You can customise each style, pose, and accessory to make it like no other. 

  • A family portrait

Photographs can perfectly capture every precious memory you want to preserve for many years to come. Turning custom bobbleheads into family portraits is a fun and quirky way to make you feel nostalgic and remember the people dear to you. These bobbleheads can serve as your mini companions when you leave for college or settle in a new office.

Aside from your family members, you can even make a custom bobblehead modelled after your pets. After all, your four-legged pals are more than just animals but are a part of your family! Your furry friends are your silent supporters, and they help you overcome any challenges.

Losing your pet will surely leave a void in your family’s heart. Fortunately, you can respect your furry friend’s memory, put a smile on everyone’s faces, and feel as if they are always by your side every time you see their bobblehead counterpart. 

  • A memorabilia

Cake toppers can serve as a keepsake that you and your family will cherish for generations. You can take your selfies to the next level with them or give them to your loved ones as heartwarming tokens. Also, you can make them as your home or office decors and display them by your shelf or keep them on your bedside table as a reminder of precious memories.


Custom bobbleheads are mainly used as cake toppers for weddings, but they are more than that. They can be decorations that add personality to your home or workplace and memorabilia that remind you of your friends and family and the unforgettable memories you shared. When ordering them, reach out only to a trusted company like ours.

Make your celebrations extra special with our high-quality wedding cake toppers in the UK. We serve clients worldwide. Order now!

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