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Why Custom Bobbleheads Make the Best Wedding Cake Toppers

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If you’ve ever come across a bobblehead, you’ll likely have seen them resting atop a vehicle dashboard, nodding away at the sizzling heat. However, custom bobbleheads are far beyond the Play-Doh-and-felt level of dirt-cheap souvenirs, and more reminiscent of high-quality caricatures. If you haven’t yet settled on a cake topper for The Big Day, a bride and groom bobblehead can make for an unexpected element that will surely draw some laughs. 

Take Tradition to the Next Level

Bride and groom figurines are a tired wedding cake topper. Made with wood, wax, porcelain, or even icing sugar, store-bought toppers are hardly a memento you’ll want to display on your fireplace mantle. Sticking to tradition doesn’t mean doing without a design upgrade. Bobbleheads are just as playful a representation of the bride and groom—only they look far better. 

Stick to a Theme

Have you already settled on a wedding theme? If so, your cake topper should be just as thematic. Dress your rustic-themed bobbleheads in earth tones or, if you’re digging the real-life-fairy-tale shtick, adorn them in something ethereal—hint: wings!

Reflect Your Relationship

Your custom bobbleheads shouldn’t just look like you, but feel like you. Don’t be afraid to go into detail. Feel free to customise clothing. Do you have a favourite cap or pair of shoes? Dress your bobblehead in them. Accessorise your topper with your favourite object, be it an acoustic guitar or life-sized Transformer. Share a pet? Throw them in as well! A creative way to express your personality, bobbleheads are not shy and more than ready to take centre stage. 

Keep Them Forever

If you’re spending a pretty penny on your custom bobblehead, why hold back? A cake topper makes for a generations-long keepsake. A bobblehead is even better. You can display them pretty much anywhere, from your bedside table to your front hallway as a wedding remembrance. Avoid letting your bobblehead lurk where your partner won’t expect to see them—nothing is a bigger bummer than a shattered wedding souvenir!

Send Them Out as Gifts

A custom bobblehead can send guests away with something to remember The Big Day by. Some suppliers will save you on costs by offering a wholesale price and even throw in a few elements for free. If a mini-me of you and your partner is a little too creepy for your liking, you can go the extra mile and design a bobblehead of each guest. 


Over the years, wedding traditions have evolved tremendously. From digital invitations to elaborate same-day edits and unusual wedding loot bags to untraditional gowns, there’s no reason you shouldn’t push the envelope. Whether a fan of the spotlight or not, your wedding is about you—and if a bobblehead is on your list of to-dos, who is anyone to stop you?

At Minify Me, your custom wedding cake toppers are just a click away. With over 100 designs to choose from, the possibilities are endless (and sometimes hilarious). Our handmade polymer clay bobbleheads are ones that stand the test of time and can be delivered to you in as quickly as three to four weeks. 

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