What Personalised Bobbleheads Can Do For Your Business

Liverpool-FC bobblehead

Aside from being little adorable objects of affection, custom bobbleheads play more essential roles. They can be used on certain occasions such as trade shows, wedding events, sports events, company events, and more. On top of these, they also have applications in the business world—whether you believe it or not! 

Some companies order bespoke figurines to aid their brand awareness efforts or simply to improve their business’ reputation. Some use them as giveaways to loyal customers to inspire them to stay loyal to the brand. 

If this is an idea that has never crossed your mind before, you may want to consider ordering personalised bobbleheads now. With the right strategy, they can give your business its much-needed boost and do these amazing things for you: 

1. Better Your Business Image 

If you want to stand out from the crowd and successfully draw more customers to you, you’ll need something to level up your brand image. This is something that custom bobbleheads can help you with. 

Specialists help you create bespoke figurines based on your preferred images. With this service, you can turn your product or brand mascot into these tiny, charming statuettes which you can give to customers and prospects. When partnered with a solid brand campaign, this can significantly improve awareness and recall within your target market. 

2. Make Loyal Customers and Excellent Clients Feel Special 

It’s natural for people to feel special when they receive a one-of-a-kind gift. Considering this, if you’re looking for gift ideas to keep both your customers and clients engaged, custom bobbleheads are worth exploring. 

One strategy you can employ is to give them to long-time clients and customers as special incentives. Another tactic you can use is to manufacture limited edition bobblehead dolls which will be given to customers who act fast for a certain promo. 

However, remember that the key to pulling this off successfully is to create your bobbleheads in the best quality possible. They must be something that your target audience will truly value and appreciate. 

Well-made dolls will further enhance your image, while inexpertly manufactured ones can do more harm than good to your reputation! 

3. Get People Talking About Your Business

Thanks to social media and other online platforms, word-of-mouth can easily spread. On top of this, people are quick to share anything they find adorable, cute, and appealing. This is something you can leverage for your business. 

Creating a bobblehead representation for your brand can help you get your name out there. Furthermore, it can help your customers remember who you are because the strategy is unique. Plastering business names in mugs, notebooks, pens, and umbrellas are commonplace; however, not a lot of companies create a custom figurine for their brand. 

Using such a remarkable and eye-catching tool to bear your business name is an effective and easy way to spread the word about your brand. 


Bobbleheads and branding may seem worlds apart at first. However, as long as you start to think outside of the box, you’ll be able to come up with ways to incorporate these little dolls into your branding strategy. Using them as marketing materials is a breath of fresh air, and your target audience will surely appreciate you for going beyond and trying something new. 

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