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How To Choose The Perfect Wedding Cake Flavour For Your Special Day

Wedding Cake Flavour

Planning a wedding involves a multitude of choices. From the venue to the date, everything needs to be carefully thought out, so that you and your loved ones have the time of your lives.

Arguably the most crucial choice you have to make is what food to serve. From canapés to the breakfast itself, everything needs to be perfectly thought-out and catered towards the preferences and dietary requirements of everyone on the guest list.

As a provider of personalised cake toppers, the team at Minify Me know that our favourite part of the wedding feast has to be the cake! We love all different flavours, so we understand how hard it must be for couples to pick just one or two.

To make this all-important decision a little easier, we’ve created a list of the most common wedding cake flavours and explored who they’d suit best. You can find the cake flavour that suits you and your guests from this list, and then browse our site to find the cake toppers to make it stand out!

Fruit Cake

Fruitcake is the classic choice for a wedding cake, but it’s not for everyone.

It often divides guests, with some enjoying its moist texture and fruity filling, while others think it’s boring and dull.

Still, don’t let others dictate what you serve for your special day. The most crucial factor is whether you like fruit cake. If it’s not your favourite, then go for something else. Traditions, like rules, are made to be broken, so choose the cake that you love the most.

If you’re set on having a fruitcake, then make sure you get a good one. Test cake samples from a variety of bakers before you choose the one that’s moist and indulgently fruity, so you’ve not just got any old fruitcake for your wedding, but a great one. To top it off, select a traditional option from our selection of cake toppers, and you’ll have the perfect classic wedding cake for your special day.

Perfect For: Couples who have their hearts set on a traditional wedding or anyone just who loves fruitcake.

Chocolate Cake

It’s not just Bruce Bogtrotter from Matilda that loves chocolate cake; a nice slice of chocolatey sponge tempts most sensible people!

That being said, some guests might think that chocolate cake is not traditional enough for a wedding, and, we’re told, there might even be some individuals who don’t eat chocolate cake.

Again, the decision is down to you, as the wedding hosts, so if you love chocolate cake, then it will be a definite crowd-pleaser.

An untraditional choice, you can use it as the opportunity to showcase your unique style and tastes. We’ve got a selection of quirky cake toppers, such as our Around The World Bride And Groom, so you can make your cake as unique as your relationship.

Perfect For: Kids (big and small), large crowds and any couple that just loves a good chocolate cake!

Rainbow Cake

If you’ve ever spent any time scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram, then you’ll probably have seen the trend for rainbow cakes. Using food colouring, bakers can create cakes which, when sliced, reveal a rainbow.

These majestic cakes are perfect when paired with white royal icing, making them the ideal choice for an inventive wedding cake. The cake can have one distinctive flavour or a different one on each layer, so you can pick the tastiest combination and make a statement!

The rainbow has become the symbol of more than just a love of colour: it’s also the emblem of the Pride movement, making this the ideal choice for vocal allies or LGBTQ+ couples.

To add a final flourish, check out Minify Me’s selection of LGBT cake toppers so that you can show off your pride and love for your new spouse.

Perfect For: Instagram influencers, LGBTQ+ allies and fans of bold colours!

Vanilla Sponge

Vanilla might sound like a boring choice, but it’s an excellent solution for those who want an entirely white sponge and a flavour that’s guaranteed to tempt every guest.

Delicious and sweet, vanilla gets a bad rep because it’s the standard flavour for ice cream, but it’s a delightful flavour when included in a rich, moist sponge.

As vanilla is a natural, subtle flavour, a vanilla cake can be paired with a richly flavoured icing, or large, sweet fondant flowers. A more robust flavour might make the cake too sickly to enjoy, but vanilla will be the perfect blank canvas flavour to combine with these bold flavours so that all your guests love your cake.

Perfect For: Big weddings or aesthetically-minded couples.

Coffee Cake

The rustic look has been a popular trend in the wedding industry over recent years. As part of this trend, many couples choose to serve a cake that is free from icing, and only covered in natural products such as edible flowers, dried fruits and nuts.

An ideal flavour candidate for these ‘naked cakes’ is coffee, as its natural dark colour gives a rustic appearance to your cake. Coffee also pairs well with nuts and dried fruit, making it the ideal contender for any couple that’s keen to sprinkle toppings liberally across their wedding cake.

Just because you’re going for a natural look on your cake, doesn’t mean that you can’t use beautifully sculpted figurines in the scenery around it. Create a woodland theme around your cake and have yourselves artfully posing using our figurines, so that you can show off your love of both nature and each other.

Perfect For: Nature lovers and couples who can’t function without their morning coffee!

Multiple Flavours

Can’t decide what flavour to choose? Why not have them all!

As most wedding cakes are multi-layered, you can create a cake that incorporates all of your favourite flavours. The result will be a towering structure that keeps everyone happy.

Decorating such a colossal cake might seem like a challenge, but with our cute cake toppers you can create a unique scene on each layer. Some of our individual characters, such as Action Man, can be used to create quirky scenes that delight and surprise guests.

Perfect For: Everyone!

Once you’ve chosen your cake flavour, it’s time to think about decoration. Minify Me offers a wide range of cake toppers designed around you and your personal sense of style. To learn more about how we can help you to create a stunning cake that represents your happiness, get in touch today.

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