A Trip Down Memory Lane to the Rich History of Wedding Cake Toppers

wedding cake topper couple

Brides and grooms know that choosing the best topper that captures the couple’s personality, story, or unique imagery is a must to complete the special occasion. Couples have been using these decorative figurines as a cherry on top for centuries, which begs the question: when did this marital tradition start? 

The Birth of Wedding Cake Toppers 100 Years Ago 

The exact origins of wedding cake toppers are up for speculation, but most fall back to a lovely legend that tells the story of a baker’s daughter over a hundred years ago. The daughter wanted something to symbolise the love between her and the future groom, so the baker created a figurine that resembled the couple’s likeness. 

It was set on top of the cake, impressing the couple and guests alike with its unique approach. This sparked a trend that spread beyond borders, making it a sweet accent that add a distinctive touch to the cake. By the 1890s, topping the cake with figurines of the bride and groom has become a universal staple. 

The Rise of Commercial Wedding Cake Toppers in 1924

Decades have past and wedding cake toppers are still all-the-rage amongst brides and grooms, which opened an opportunity to commercialise the trend. In 1924, iconic American retailers like Sears & Roebuck tapped the wedding market by producing an extensive catalog of wedding cake ornaments. 

The decorations varied to match the times, and grooms saw a change in attire after the first World War as the usual suit was swapped with a military uniform. While people could add other accents such as veils or flowers, the design was not as flexible as it is today.

The Creative Freedom of Wedding Cake Toppers Today and Onwards

Grooms had a choice to change the way the toppers were dressed back in its heydays, but couples can play around with different looks, poses, backgrounds, and other decorative accents that can turn toppers into a truly unique addition to wedding cakes.

People can now design the figurines in dynamic positions, or even recreate the couple’s first date in a romantic setting. You can also add your fur-babies to complete the love triangle or manifest dream characters. When it comes to decorating wedding cake toppers today, the possibilities are endless. 

The Bottom Line: Exploring the Origins of Wedding Cake Toppers

The exact story behind the boom of wedding cake toppers is still shrouded in mystery, but the age-old tradition offers an unflinching charm that can withstand the test of time. Not only does it have a strong foothold in the slew of wedding cakes worldwide, but the decorative figurines also see improvements in its craftsmanship as brides and grooms can play around with different themes with only their imagination and budget to limit the possibilities. 

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